The New Trend That’s Going To Change The Way You Shop

We’ll always have a soft spot for traditional retail (a visit to Barneys is never a bad idea), but in terms of saving money and time, your TZR editors are all aboard the direct-to-consumer trend. By eliminating the middlemen, online-only brands like Everlane, The Arrivals and StyleSaint avoid unnecessary price markups to give you chic, quality pieces at a modest cost. Consider their added perks from social consciousness to no-fuss return policies and speedy delivery—translation: no more stressful shopping trips to the mall!—and you’ll be sold on the strategy. Are your ears perked up? Click through to peruse a few of our most-loved labels who are putting the modern practice into play, then treat yo’self to something fabulous.


Divine distilled denim born in Los Angeles from the ethos of "fewer, better things".

Price: $65 and up.

2. Everlane

Stripped of brick-and-mortar expenses, Everlane delivers affordable luxury basics (that last!), including super-soft tees, silk blouses and cashmere cardigans.

Price: $15 for a tee, $128 for a cashmere crew.

3. The Arrivals

Fashion meets function in The Arrival's sleek outerwear arsenal, marked at a fraction of what you'd spend at a department store.

Price: $185 and up.

4. M. Gemi

Stunning shoes shaped from family-owned factories in Italy. Amore!

Price: $148 and up.

5. Ivory Row

The coziest cashmere knits conceived by two friends in NYC—think: equal parts timeless and unique!

Price: $175 and up

6. Reformation

A go-to for every cool-girl since 2009, Reformation spearheaded the direct-to-consumer style with their sustainable, limited-edition collections consisting of modern silhouettes.

Price: $78 and up.

7. Warby Parker

Practically a household name, Warby Parker is famed for merging style with social consciousness. For every dapper pair you purchase, the company gives a pair to a person in need. Since launching in 2010, they have donated over a million eyeglasses!

Price: $95 and up.

8. StyleSaint

Founded by Allison Beal, StyleSaint draws inspiration directly from shoppers to produce caliber clothes that don't pain your pocketbook.

Price: $38 for a tee, $168 for a lace dress.