Victoria Beckham's 14 Engagement Rings Over The Last Two Decades Have Only Gotten Better & Better

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Whenever Victoria Beckham does anything (yes, anything), you can always count on her to take it to the next level. And, that includes celebrity engagement rings. In the 22 years that she’s been married to the equally posh David Beckham, the former Spice Girl has donned not one, not two, but 14 different engagement rings. Take one look through Victoria Beckham’s 14 engagement rings, and you'll see a history of the biggest engagement ring trends from the past two decades. And if the fashion designer's portfolio of rings has proven anything about her taste in jewelry, it's that they only get better with each new style.

If you thought Hollywood's A-list stars were already taking their engagement rings to epic proportions, leave it to Beckham to up the ante with a comprehensive set of styles that'll fit any trend or ensemble. Of course, given that this is the woman who was once known as Posh Spice, this comes as no surprise. As the mastermind behind her namesake label, as well as being a highly sought-after street style star, Beckham has more than proven she knows a thing or two about style. Without a doubt, her engagement rings are no exception.

Click through to see each stunning ring she's worn over the past 22 years.

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1. The Minimal Design

Starting with the engagement ring her now-husband proposed with in 1998 — a three-carat marquise diamond on a simple yellow gold band — Beckham was already showing the world that she knows how to master minimalist style with a statement.

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2. The Super-Luxe Band

In 2001, she swapped out this classic but unique shape out for a diamond pavé wedding band.

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3. The Statement Stone

Of course, it wasn’t until 2003 when the pop star-turned-fashion designer started sporting astronomically large stones — beginning with large emerald cut diamond with a smaller baguette on each side.

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4. The Oversized Halo

2004 is the first time Beckham begins wearing halo rings, a detail she won't be able to give up.

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5. Pear-Shape Cut

Returning to the trend of timeless yet unexpected cuts, the fashion designer started wearing a large pear-shaped ring in 2005.

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6. The Triple-Set Band

Returning to the classic emerald cut, Beckham wore an emerald cut diamond in a triple set band in 2006.

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7. Cushioned-Cut Colorful Stone

Opting for a non-traditional stone, Beckham wore a cushion-cut emerald and diamond ring in 2007.

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8. The Radiant Cut

In 2008, the style star went back to a classic rectangular diamond. This time, though, it was a radiant cut stone instead of an emerald cut.

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9. Ruby-Red Stone

After wearing a green emerald and then returning to classic diamonds, Beckham chose to wear another colored stone with a deep red ruby in 2009.

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10. Sapphire Stone

It wasn't long after her ruby ring that Beckham decided to start sporting a blue sapphire in 2010.

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11. Soft-Pink Diamond

When she wasn't wearing her large blue sapphire, the fashion guru opted for a smaller emerald cut pink diamond to wear with her ensembles.

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12. The Stacked Halo Setting

In 2015, Beckham gave the halo trend another go. This time, it surrounded a round cut diamond with two side stones.

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13.The Pavé Encrusted Band

Beckham went back to a more timeless style in 2016, wearing a square cut diamond with a pavé band.

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14. The Canary Stone

For her latest engagement ring style, Beckham wore a yellow square cut diamond — returning to the colored stone trend — in 2018.

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