Victoria Beckham's 14 Engagement Rings Over The Last Two Decades Have Only Gotten Better & Better

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Whenever Victoria Beckham does anything (yes, anything), you can always count on her to take it to the next level. And, that includes celebrity engagement rings. In the 22 years that she’s been married to the equally posh David Beckham, the former Spice Girl has donned not one, not two, but 14 different engagement rings. Take one look through Victoria Beckham’s 14 engagement rings, and you'll see a history of the biggest engagement ring trends from the past two decades. And if the fashion designer's portfolio of rings has proven anything about her taste in jewelry, it's that they only get better with each new style.

If you thought Hollywood's A-list stars were already taking their engagement rings to epic proportions, leave it to Beckham to up the ante with a comprehensive set of styles that'll fit any trend or ensemble. Of course, given that this is the woman who was once known as Posh Spice, this comes as no surprise. As the mastermind behind her namesake label, as well as being a highly sought-after street style star, Beckham has more than proven she knows a thing or two about style. Without a doubt, her engagement rings are no exception.

Click through to see each stunning ring she's worn over the past 22 years.

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