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Help! I Can’t Stop Shopping For Corduroy Pants

There’s just so many good ones right now.

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Of all the things I most anticipate about fall — in-season Honeycrisp apples, leaves crunching under my boots, cinnamon in literally everything — I’m most thrilled to start wearing corduroy pants again. I mean, really, is there anything more autumnal than striding down the street, steamy coffee in your hands and wide wale fabric swishing around your legs? Perhaps You Got Mail’s Joe Fox may have offered to send Kathleen Kelly a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” when the air grew crisp and cool in New York City, but if it was me I’d honestly prefer a gift basket of of plush ribbed trousers. Swoon.

This year I’m in luck: The cozy piece, while never exactly out of style, seems to be a retailer favorite this season. Over at Alex Mill, there’s deliciously slouchy options in rich colors like chocolate brown and olive; Ganni is offering a delightful pair in Welch’s grape juice purple. Then there’s a design over at Everlane in a sort of moody green-blue that I didn’t know I needed in my life until I happened across it while mindlessly scrolling my phone instead of writing this story (to my editors: sorry!). Suddenly, all I could think about was how dreamy it would look with a cropped cable knit.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve already amassed a few of these stand out cord bottoms, and yet still keep shopping for more. But because I can’t own them all (siiiigh) I’m sharing the wealth below — scroll down for my favorites options of the season, all still available to order right now.