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This Strappy Summer Shoe Has Officially Replaced My Flatforms

And they’re just as comfortable.

heeled sandals

Two major changes happened to my closet after I moved to New York City in 2016. First, I traded my tiny handbag for a hefty over-the-shoulder satchel. I no longer had a car to act as a mobile closet and store my workout clothes/makeup/life in, so a small purse simply would not suffice (cue: my now-incessant back pain). Second, I swapped the heels I was accustomed to wearing to work for thick-soled boots in the winter and chunky flatforms during the summer. My New York life involved a 10 minutes walk from my apartment to the Q train, and there was no way I was going to do that walk in tight, strappy sandals (I made that mistake once and the sight of my bloody blisters still haunts my dreams). The concept of comfortable heeled sandals did not exist — or so I thought.

But as I was updating my summer wardrobe this year, I realized that maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough. Turns out, there’s a world of stylish, skinny-heeled sandals out there that look incredible while also allowing you to walk comfortably to Sweetgreen for an $18 salad with zero (physical) pain. This pair from Zara especially has been a game-changer — they look like they’d be uncomfortable, but feel like walking on air. (Confession: I saw a friend wearing them and purchased them immediately after. No regrets.) The best heeled sandal is one that hugs your feet and offers support without digging into your skin — and luckily, there are plenty that do this without sacrificing in the style department. Ahead, I’ve gathered the best heeled sandals that 1. look amazing and 2. cuddle your feet. Not quite like walking on clouds, but not far off!

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