Colorful Engagement Rings Are Becoming the Norm

From dazzling sapphires to deeply-hued emeralds.

engagement ring
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Sometimes the most thrilling aspect of a bridal tradition is the chance to confidently break with it. The wedding industry is rife with antiquated ‘rules’, after all; so when you can eschew the expected and do your own thing, it’s a rewarding feeling. Such is the case with colorful engagement rings. Of course, diamonds are the time-honored choice for this memorable jewelry moment. But if you find yourself gravitating toward alternative gemstones — or a diamond just doesn’t align with your personal style — take it as a sign to go with your gut and try something unexpected.

Luckily, you won’t have to look far for other options: There’s an entire world of bright and bold sparklers that are equally breathtaking and romantic. The best alternatives are designed with standout stones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Some of these pieces feature a colorful gemstone prominently on its own, while others accentuate it with details like side stones or sparkling pavé along the band.

There’s amethysts, tourmalines, morganite, and so many more to choose from — each with its own unique, technicolor appeal. Ahead, TZR rounds up the best engagement rings for brides looking to adorn their ring finger with a vibrant hue.