The One Item Suki Waterhouse Never Feels Comfortable In

As an actress, model and accessories entrepreneur, it’s clear that Suki Waterhouse has legit style. With a seemingly innate ability to look utterly chic with little to no effort, it’s no wonder her uncomplicated cool factor is highly sought after. And as the face of Shopbop’s spring campaign (launching today!), we took the opportunity to discuss all things spring with the It Brit, from leading trends to being a girl boss to the importance of individuality in fashion.

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Suki's Style Tips

Courtesy of Shopbop

On The Athleisure Trend

"I’m really into luxury tracksuits and making a tracksuit look high-end by embellishing it. I’m going to definitely get those amazing tracksuit Adam Selman tops and the Rag & Bone sweaters with the V-neck, and Milly track pants. And then for when we start getting into spring and start going to festivals, I want to accessorize with an amazing fanny pack—I’ve got my eye on an Alexander Wang one. It’s all about that high-low juxtaposition which everyone’s super into. And making everything comfortable and easy while being super badass."

Courtesy of Shopbop

On Hero Pieces To Look Polished In Five Minutes

"I’ve got a long velvet leopard print jacket at the moment which is really easy to slip on and I always rely on my leather Gucci hat which I can just shove on my head and it gives you style credibility straight away."

Courtesy of Shopbop

On Fashion Regrets

"Well, I’ve literally had so many fashion regrets that it’s kind of hard to pinpoint one. Me and my friend Poppy—who I have my business with—if I need to make her laugh sometimes there are certain things I can type in on Google that will have her like on the floor. It’s kind of hard to explain but just kind of horribly mismatched things going on and yeah the worst things probably are airport arrivals where maybe I’m not sure that I’ve landed yet and I’ve got like plastic bags like three plastic bags and I can’t find things and I’m sitting on the floor of the airport that’s never a good look."

Courtesy of Shopbop

On Being A Girl Boss

"Be kind to each other when you make mistakes. They’re really inevitable. Also, be kind to yourself when mistakes happen. It’s like a marriage it’s like an exercise to be a present partner and communicate well and I feel like we’ve got a great thing and when it does work and it comes together it’s like there’s nothing like that unity because you really feel like you’ve gone through something with these people and they have your back it’s great."

Courtesy of Shopbop

On Personal Style

"Well I don’t really know anyone that cool or stylish really that subscribes to trends so heavily and sticks to that. I mean, it’s always fun to go and dip into what’s going on right now. There are just certain things that you will never feel comfortable in, like I’ll never feel comfortable in pointy boots for some reason I just have like an allergy to them. So there are certain trends that you just can’t follow because it’s just your blood."