Jacket Or No Jacket? Kate Bosworth Has A Solution For The Noncommittal

Photo: Splash News

Per usual, this September has proven confusing, weather-wise, and this confusion has naturally trickled down to how we get dressed in the morning. It’s 90 degrees outside, the overzealous air conditioning in offices and coffee shops is reminiscent of the Arctic, and all we really want to do is stash our summer wardrobes and embrace fall garments. Translation: Putting together outfits right now is hard. Leave it to Kate Bosworth, queen of cool, to provide a crafty solution of sorts. That jacket you’ve been dying to bust out? What if you don’t actually wear it, but instead sling it over one shoulder for optimal upper-body ventilation while continuing to reap the style points of chic outerwear? Kind of brilliant. TBD on whether the rest of us mere mortals are able to pull off this look (we do condone trying it out in front of your mirror at your leisure), but it’s one we’re appreciating on Kate nonetheless. Here’s to all the inventive ensembles we’re all sure to be rocking until true autumn weather arrives.

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