10 Times Giovanna Battaglia One-Upped You On Instagram

Got Instagram envy? Vogue Japan‘s Senior Fashion Editor Giovanna Battaglia is positioned to push it over the edge (in the best way) with her stream of glossy snaps. To take you on a tour of her superglam life, we curated ten of the style saint’s most major grammed moments. Click through to discover them now — that is, if you can handle the FOMO.

1. Elevator selfie

Note to self: coordinate outfits to match surroundings.

Photos: @bat_gio

2. About last night

While you were excited about your cute barista making a cameo on your account, Giovanna was having a lovefest with Mary J. Blige. Hashtag: jealous.

3. Special delivery

Show this to your significant other, and hope they get the hint.

4. Outfit detail

We can only dream to tag Dolce & Gabbana in our #OOTDs.

5. Lazy Sunday

We totes wear Chanel when we're off-duty too.

6. View from above

If our flats we're this fabulous, we would never look up.

7. Airport schlep

We're feeling a sudden urge to replace all of our black trolleys with red ones...

8. On a boat

No comment.

9. Great outdoors

Are you rethinking your rule about hitchhikers? Us too.

10. Bling game

Your midi ring's got nothing on Bat Gio's jewels.