Did Beyoncé Just Bring Back The Knit Bolero?

We idolize Beyoncé for many reasons: Her chart-topping hits, fierce activism and most certainly, her fashion. Though suddenly, our faith is questioned when, scrolling through Instagram, we stumbled upon what can only be described as a ’90s staple we’re regrettably all-too-familiar with; the knit bolero. Indeed, Mrs. Carter struck a pose—reminiscent of the tragic prom photos that sit atop our parents’ mantels—alongside her hubby in Paris, donning a shrunken cardigan layered over a figure-hugging dress, paired with embellished heels. While we’d otherwise hoped the tiny topper remain a faint memory of our less-than-stylish youth, leave it to Queen B to slay in an otherwise awkward wardrobe staple we relied upon far too many times as teens. While we’re uncertain if the “trend” is about to see a revival, we thoroughly appreciate the walk down memory lane on a Thursday night.