Anna Wintour Just Called This Trend “Boring”

If anyone’s qualified to give trend advice to the masses, it’s Anna Wintour. So when the Vogue EIC decided to share her thoughts on the trends of Milan Fashion Week, you can bet we were all ears. She praised Prada’s return to its traditional roots and Dolce & Gabbana’s diverse runway, but the real takeaway happened when she addressed Alessandro Michele’s fall show for Gucci. After complimenting his ability to push fashion boundaries, she said, “There’s so much product out there right now, and what we need is fashion that’s going to seem very emotional and make us dream—not just one more boring beige leather jacket.” Whether it’s a hint to the industry to cool it on the simple minimalism trend or a pointed disdain for beige jackets in particular we’ll never know, but we can’t say it didn’t have us rethinking our wardrobe choices. See the full video here.