8 Reasons We Love Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren, the 75-year-old founder of the iconic American sportswear brand has announced he will be stepping down as CEO this November. He will still be an integral part of the Ralph Lauren team—and is passing the reigns to a capable successor—but we can’t help but feel it is the end of an era. Here, we wax poetic about why we love Ralph Lauren and the household name he has built over the past 48 years.

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1. He Has A Sense Of Humor

Remember that time Ralph appeared on Friends as himself?


2. His Stunning Campaign Imagery

If anything makes us want to frolic on the beach with camels its a Ralph Lauren campaign.


3. His Forays Into Dining

He even made our coffee run a little chicer. Reese Witherspoon agrees.


4. He Saved Our High School Wardrobes

Without Pink Pony and these brightly colored piqué shirts our high-school wardrobes would have been a sorry sight.


5. The Ralph Lifestyle

Offering everything from Olympic uniforms to Purple Label, from childrenswear to home goods, we dare you to propose a preppy-chic activity for which Ralph Lauren has not designed a collection.


6. He Stays Current

Is there anything more indicative of staying relevant than a selfie with Kanye West? We think not.


7. His Epic Shows

His breathtaking Spring 2016 show during this past NYFW was only a drop in the bucket of epic runway spectacles. Lest we forget he staged a 4d projection of his Polo Ralph Lauren show onto a water wall in Central Park last year.


8. All Of The Red Carpet Moments

The gowns, oh the gowns!