5 Style Lessons From Charlize Theron

Can you believe that as of today Charlize Theron has graced this earth with her beauty for 40 years? The South African-born blonde bombshell first stole our fashion-obsessed hearts in mid-1990s period flicks like The Cider House Rules and That Thing You Do, but her off-screen style has always been thoroughly modern—and on point. In honor of her milestone birthday, here’s a look at 5 of her style rules we should all be following.

1. Take Color Risks

Sunshine yellow, burnt orange and grass green might intimidate at first, but no color should be off-limits. Some of Charlize’s most memorable looks have included colors that on the rack didn't exactly scream, "Wear me!" But with simple makeup, great jewelry and a lot of confidence, she always pulls them off.

Photos: Getty Images

2. Show Off Your Assets

The phrase "Charlize Theron's legs" returns over 46,000 Google results and with good reason. The actress has outstanding pins. She works hard for them and isn't afraid to show them off in mini skirts and dresses, super-skinny pants and evening gowns with up-to-there slits. Ditto her strong, sculpted shoulders. Play up your favorite assets for a boost of confidence in every look.

3. Step Up Your Hair Game

A quick scroll through Pinterest proves that Charlize never leaves the house without glossy, polished hair, even in Hollywood, the land of beachy bed-head tangles. Maybe our mothers were right, a hair brush is the key to looking pulled-together at all times!

4. Always Add Luxe Accessories

On their own, jeans and a sweater are relatively mundane. But as Charlize showed at a Lakers game in 2014, killer booties and a slick handbag turn blah basics into an unforgettable statement. Follow her lead by elevating your everyday style with classic-yet-bold extras.

5. Nothing Beats A Little Black Dress

Make it crazy with cut-outs, unexpected textures or off-beat accessories, a la Ms. Theron, or stick with a sleek and simple silhouette, also a la Ms. Theron. But rest assured that, 99% of the time, an LBD works every time.