7 Playful Jewelry Brands To Find On Social Media Right Now

Just in time for spring.

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mon cher moi,
mon cher moi hand-painted brass rings
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The far-reaching influence of the internet is now so interwoven into the fashion industry it's hard to believe there was a time when it wasn't the go-to source for scouting new brands. Now, its role is solidified. Without a doubt, the best jewelry brands to liven up your outfit this spring are the ones you'll find buried within your Instagram feeds — if you're attentive enough to spot them.

Let's face it, accessories are pulling a lot of the weight as fashion continues trending in a cozier-than-normal direction, but stacking on layers of new jewelry comes as a close second to the thrill of getting fully dressed. This is especially true when you factor in the wealth of mood-boosting, trendy-but-not-trend-based brands at your fingertips this very second. And though fashion lovers are known to keep eyes out and ears open for the next trend, 2021 feels like the year to reflect first on what resonates with you. The best brands to shop this year, then, are the ones going against the grain with a distinct perspective that connects to consumers beyond trends, be it through an unwaveringly bright color palette, or an unapologetic display of maximalism after a few years of embracing minimalism.

While you're bound to hit the fashion lotto one of these days and stumble upon a totally splurge-worthy brand on your own, celebs remain a point of inspiration here as their stylists are known to scout out upcoming lines from the corners of the 'Gram before it takes off. Those with a truly unique offering become the labels worth revisiting even when the first buzz dies down – think Vanessa Mooney, which boasts a fanbase that includes Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner per its hyper-feminine, dainty-yet-statement pieces. Still, there's always room for new additions to fawn over, like these six additional picks ahead. Some lean on quirky, while others lean on an updated approach to the classics – but each are hands-down social media approved.

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Best Jewelry Brands: StudioSophiaSophia

Earrings, mini art installations, or both? There’s no going unnoticed in StudioSophiaSophia’s creative designs. Accented with neon hues often by way of beads, clay or Swarovski crystals, the brand’s handmade statement pieces are the ultimate conversation-starters.

Best Jewelry Brands On Social Media: JéBlanc

JéBlanc creates a dreamy world of its own. Its healing crystal-embellished jewelry is the result of designer Jeniece Blanchet’s love for luxury and quality at a time when she was unable to afford it herself. The brand’s signature pieces include hoops with spiral details, and silver beaded body jewelry.

Best Jewelry Brands On Social Media: Studio Cult

For the coolest futuristic jewelry, all signs point to Studio Cult. The New York brand cleverly reinterprets everyday objects such as wall plugs (you read that right) into unique accessories. Even Studio Cult's smallest item remains a statement, and one you won’t have to part with as each piece is tarnish-free.

Best Jewelry Brands On Social Media: mon cher moi,

For lovers of fun, color-filled accessories, mon cher moi,’s signature funky pieces are too good to pass up. With a mostly pastel palette of seafoam greens, baby blues, and periwinkles, you may have just found the earring and ring combo you’ll be gravitating to all spring.

Best Jewelry Brands On Social Media: Biko

Biko’s current lineup champions the dynamic trio of modern jewelry — gold, chain links, and pearls — in refreshingly sculptural fashion. Founded by Canada-based designer Corrine Anestopoulos, the sustainable, slow fashion brand feels like the perfect intersection of bohemian and classic.

Best Jewelry Brands On Social Media: Beepy Bella

Designer Isabella Lalonde marries freshwater pearls and playful charms to create Beepy Bella’s mystical pieces. If the brand’s nostalgic aesthetic rings a bell, that’s probably because names like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are only a couple of the celebs loving the brand. Beepy Bella also just restocked the previously archived fairy choker you may have spotted on Jules (Hunter Schafer) during Euphoria’s latest special episode. Run, don’t walk — just saying.

Best Jewelry Brands On Social Media: Vanessa Mooney

Rich with jewel tones such as ruby and emerald-reminiscent stones, you’ll find the brand’s darling heart-shaped pendants and embellished cross designs add an elevated vintage flare to your everyday outfits.

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