What should summer interns wear to work?

by The Zoe Report

Hi Chelsea,

Before we get to the fashion, let me start with saying congrats! Not only will your internship be a great learning experience, but also the absolute best way to decide your future career path! For me, interning was priceless. I was given the opportunity to figure out which aspect of the fashion industry most suited me…and well, the rest is history…

In terms of dressing the part, it really depends on what field you will be working in—i.e. an intern position at a law firm versus one at a fashion closet do not quite have the same wardrobe requirements! If you are going to be assisting in a creative setting, such as a fashion house, magazine, ad agency or anything artistic, I say do not be afraid to express your personal style (to an extent). However, if you are going to be spending the summer in a law office, go for more of a “professional chic” look.

Always aim for something simple yet stylish! For the bottom, a pair of jeans (wide leg or skinny), tailored trousers or a feminine skirt will work. Match your top accordingly with an appropriate blouse, button down or t-shirt/blazer combo! As far as excessories go, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or a bold statement piece—instant glam! A fashion-forward wedge or classic flat are the most comfortable footwear picks—especially if you will be running around all day! Lastly…you can’t forget a laptop case! After all, a working girl needs to be prepared!

Once you have your work wardrobe set, just have FUN! At the end of the day, your dedication will count more than your look! Good luck! xoRZ