Dream Weaver

by The Zoe Report

Over the past few years, music festival style has climbed to new heights in the fashion world as a thriving and widely documented genre. With street trend bloggers capturing inspiring looks and designers creating pieces geared toward the movement, these outdoor celebrations are the perfect opportunity to really let loose and coin some funky, yet on-point outfits. Sadly, my days of hippie-child festival celebrating are over—insanely busy!—but if I was to travel back in time and revisit a Grateful Dead concert, I would most certainly take a few wardrobe pieces with me. Chiefly, Versace‘s Woven Leather Handbag!

Whether you are going to be grooving it up at Coachella this weekend, or you are planning ahead for another music festival destination, maybe Lollapalooza or the Jazz & Heritage Festival (Rodger’s personal favorite), I highly recommend a multi-color woven bag, like today’s, as your arm candy tag along. Aside from being oh-so-eye-catching, Versace’s design is also drawstring functional…i.e. the perfect carryall for every music festival necessity—sunblock, camera, lip balm and cat-eye shades! To the wearer, I say give this bag the attention it deserves by sporting it alongside an understated white blouse, denim shorts and striking sandals. Oh, and be prepared for the photogs…xoRZ

Availability: Versace Woven Leather Handbag ($3395, 888.721.7219). For additional retailer information, visit Versace.com.