The Forgotten Accessory Your Winter Outfit Needs

by The Zoe Report
2014 Adam Katz Sinding

Fact: sunglasses aren’t just for beach days and BBQs. Shielding your eyes during the winter season is crucial as the sun lies lower in the sky, which can cause heavier UV exposure. That said, not all sunglasses feel right with winter’s rich colors and sumptuous layers. Look for heavier, more statement-making frames in cool, sophisticated colors. Below, a few favorites for these frosty months ahead.

Winter Sunglasses For Every Personality


Stella McCartney, $270

These matte and masculine frames would look super-chic with a winter white look.


Komono, $100

Classic tortoiseshell shades look fantastic with winter's rustic plaids and tartans.


Fendi, $450

Winter's sophisticated wrap coats call for something a bit more ladylike.


Le Specs, $80

These cheery tinted lenses allow you to see properly in low winter light.


Oliver Peoples, $365

Winter's grey and camel cashmere pieces are begging for these cool opal frames.


Topshop, $30

Pair this style with a pastel teddy coat and turn heads in a sea of neutrals and blacks.


Cutler & Gross, $565

Serious winter layers call for serious winter shades: these frames are not messing around.


Miu Miu, $300

Pair with high-waist jeans, tall boots, and a cozy cocoon jacket.

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