Struck Bronze

by The Zoe Report

There is something old-world elegant about this Bally clutch that I simply can’t resist. The vintage vibe and decadent bronze metallic casing echo a period in fashion where great attention was paid to dressing—a mentality I deeply empathize with. Can’t you just picture Marie Antoinette carrying it? If anyone indulged in fashion in a go-big-or-go-home kind of way…it was she.

Lucky for us, Bally has brought exquisite design beyond the golden gates of Versailles and into our grips. Under the reign of creative director Brian Atwood,* this clutch is delicately embossed with a rich, eye-catching pattern. The perfect carry-all for a formal evening or to upgrade your casual jeans and tee—this purse and the right pair of heels will transform any look! Whenever and wherever you carry it, this clutch will prove to be a versatile investment piece that will stand the test of time—most definitely worth its weight in bronze. xoRZ

*Brian wears two crowns as a designer—one for his own line, Brian Atwood and for Bally.

Availability: Bally Bronze Clutch ($495, 310.271.3310). For additional reatailer information, visit Bally.com.