Digital Designs

by The Zoe Report

Have you ever seen a painting so fantastic you want to tear it from the wall and drape it about yourself? Have no fear, for today’s feature will spare you the difficulties of said situation in favor of an intentional means of wearable art. Zoe Reporters, say hello to Silk by Bryony Scarves, a line of luxe pieces that is sure to become a new friend to your bare neck.

Photographer Bryony Shearmur harnessed her penchant for digital art and applied it to her debut line of 100% Habatai silk scarves. The gorgeous pieces are made using a state-of-the-art printing process, seamlessly transferring Shearmur’s creations onto delicate silk in four different sizes (though we’re partial to the classic “regular” shape!). Each limited edition piece is signed by the artist herself, so if you’re in the market for a new print, run don’t walk to Silk by Bryony Scarves!

Availability: Silk by Bryony Scarves ($475 each). For additional information, visit Bryonys.com.

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