TZR Special Edition: My Latest Collection for QVC

by The Zoe Report

If you are following me on Twitter, then you already know that I am literally attached to my latest QVC designs—particularly the handbags and outerwear. From fringe-detailed messengers to faux fur jackets, let’s just say I pulled out all the stops in celebration of my one-year anniversary with QVC! With that said, don’t forget to tune in with me tonight at 8pm ET to get a first look at my new collection.

Like every past collection, I devoted my whole fashion heart and mind into designing apparel and excessories that are both versatile and perfect for every woman’s closet. Some of my faves are the Domed Polished Bar Link Bracelet (in rose gold) and the Faux Fox Zip Front Jacket…so mahjor. Trust me when I say that anything and everything you’ll need to update—and glamorize—your fall wardrobe is included in this collection, so clear your agenda and get ready to shop! xoRZ

Availability: Accessorizing with Rachel Zoe live on QVC: tonight (10/27) 8pm-9pm ET & tomorrow (10/28) 7pm-9pm ET.

P.S. I have received many Ask Rachel questions inquiring about my favorite piece of jewelry—and though it is impossible to pick a single cherished piece, I will say that I deeply treasure all of my Cartier LOVE jewelry including my Cartier rose gold LOVE bracelet and rings.