Roller Disco

by The Zoe Report

Few things in life excite me like a pair of artful sunnies. I mean, just looking at Barton Perreira’s Starlet shades sends my heart racing. Their movie star shape and rainbow-detailed frames flawlessly capture seventies’ style glamour. If you can get the visual of me as a tween, skating at the roller rink in red satin pants, a spandex tube top and gold headband, you’ll know why I’m so obsessed over these shades. In fact, they’re a favorite in my shamefully towering pile of do not disturb signs.* Formerly a designer at Oliver Peoples, Perreira classically structured the Starlet sunglasses with an unexpected multi-colored aspect that will give life to a blah outfit. Rarely does fashion meet function, but Perreira emphasizes the main purpose of sunglasses with protected lenses that guard your eyes from scary UV rays and prevent wrinkles. xoRZ

do not disturb sign* = sunnies, preferably oversized, used for masking tired eyes, hiding make-up from the night before and politely avoiding conversation.

Availability: Barton Perreira Starlet Sunglasses ($525), email orders to info@bartonperreira.com. For retailer info, visit Bartonperreira.com.