Sand In My Shoes

by The Zoe Report

Generally, getting sand in one’s shoe is a bad thing, but referring to Rodarte’s debut footwear collection, it is a very good thing. That’s right, the Sisters Mulleavy nearly knocked us over with the reveal of their first-ever shoe designs, which feature layers of colored sand inside the heels. Talk about major!

Naturally, the sand filling isn’t the only aspect of the duo’s avant-garde “kicks” that make us go gaga. Take into consideration their varying details of beaded embroidery, canvas cutouts and lace-up fastening, and we are ready to fork over our rent money. To play the part of Rodarte this fall, style a pair of these prominent platforms with a paisley-print dress, a statement necklace and a box clutch. Never has being weighed down looked so fabulous!

Availability: Rodarte Fall Footwear Collection (price upon request). For retailer information, visit Rodarte.net.