Personalized Jewelry: Let Your Baubles Reflect Your Sparkling Personality

As obsessive accessories girls, we have rarely met a necklace, ring or bracelet we didn’t like, but when we find a piece of jewelry that says something about who we are, we’re completely smitten. Whether bearing our initial, monogram, birthstone or zodiac sign, a bauble that makes a statement about our unique selves feels particularly special, which is why we are completely in love with this array of gems. (Men in our lives: Pay attention!) Click through for several pieces that can be personalized in a variety of creative ways, all of which celebrate what makes you you. And what could be lovelier than that?

Let's Get Personal

Personalize these delicate stacking rings with your choice of two teensy-weensy birthstones.

Pay homage to your favorite destination by wearing its latitude and longitude coordinates wherever you go.

Pavé adds a glamorous touch to these classic nameplate necklaces.

Commemorate a special date or celebrate your lucky number with an adorable (and affordable) stud earring.

Take the ID bracelet to the next level with this delicate, uberluxe option.

Sport a secret love letter to your beau with this Morse-code necklace.

This initial ring takes a classic concept and makes it modern and just the right amount of edgy.

Say who you are or what you feel with this bracelet that comes in a variety of options: mommy, je t'aime and bff among them.

What could be a more lovely way to wear your initial than this chic little gem?

No man will ever have to ask you, "hey baby, what's your sign?" again.