5 New Ways To Accessorize This Season

Feeling bored with your current collection of bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories? Us too. Must be the winter blahs. In the search for sartorial inspiration, we stalked a few of our favorite Instagram accounts. What we discovered is the key to making your old staples feel like new again. Here, 5 creative styling ideas we can’t wait to try.


Double Up

Channel your inner Wonder Woman and invest in two cuffs instead of just one for a bold effect. Pair with an edgy cocktail dress or sleek jumpsuit for a stylish result that radiates confidence. Prepare for compliments.


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Reinvent Old Favorites

Let a summer-weight scarf double as an uberchic head wrap the next time you fall victim to a bad hair day.


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Mismatch To Perfection

Team accessories in the same color family, but in slightly different shades. Try pairing blush with magenta, baby blue with navy, and forest green with lime green. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the rainbow of results.


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Get Inspired By Details

Let the subtleties of some of your favorite pieces inspire creative pairings. Your go-to heels have gold accents? Don jewelry that makes those beautiful details shine.

Pictured: Rachel Zoe Eloise Cutout Bangle ($95)


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Belt It

Flatter your shape by belting a bulky winter coat. Not only does it define your silhouette, but it also breathes new life into a coat you're likely bored of wearing.


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