The Most Popular Engagement Ring On Pinterest Is So Unexpected

Homepage photo: @catbirdnyc If there’s anything Pinterest has done for us, it’s become our virtual haven for all things weddings. From bridal shower gifts to beauty inspiration, we’re constantly bookmarking ideas for our future/imaginary nuptials, paying special attention to the site’s top trends. With manicures and bouquets already covered, we’ve recently discovered the most popular engagement ring on Pinterest—and it’s totally not what we expected.

The solitaire ring featuring an Art Deco–style band has nearly 104,000 pins, and its owner, Sylvia Billone, recently revealed that the ring was a custom design inspired by similar images she spotted on—you guessed it—Pinterest. Even more noteworthy is that the dainty accessory is made of rose gold, proving that color trend still has serious staying power. Looks like simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication this year.

Photo: Sylvia Billone/Pinterest