Spotlight: Fall In Love

by The Zoe Report

Sure, a dozen red roses and box of chocolates never hurt anyone, but if you ask any fashion-forward girl what she really wants for Valentine’s Day, the answer is always accessories. Serving them up in plentiful and fetching form this season is Michael Kors, and we couldn’t help but choose a handful of our favorites from the American designer—prepare to fall hard!

Certain to give you butterflies, Michael Kors’ round-up includes something for every modern girl, which may be a bright wallet covered in studs, of-the-moment flat sandals or vacation-ready sunglasses. Of course, there is no rule that says you have to stick to just one irresistible add-on. Shop the sweet picks in full now, then when someone asks you who your valentine is this year, you’ll be able to say without hesitation: Michael Kors.

Availability: Fall in love with Michael Kors this Valentine’s Day! Shop our favorite new accessories from the American designer now.