Made In The Shade

by The Zoe Report

Just when we thought we’d had our fill of sunglasses—who are we kidding?—MARNI turns out a new collection that is so fierce, it has us revisiting our sartorial budget for fall. While we know it is not necessarily kind to tempt you, Zoe Reporters, we simply couldn’t keep this sweet eye candy all to ourselves.

So, dig in and discover with your own two eyes the avant-garde variety of frames, fit for fashion advocates of all styles. Available in two throwback silhouettes and seven different shades—how good is the neon yellow?!—each MARNI marvel is designed with an engraved floral pattern to keep your outfits blooming well into the cold-weather months. The stellar stack of sunnies sitting on your console notwithstanding, we speculate you may have no choice but to pick up just one more pair!

Availability: MARNI Winter Edition 2012 Eyewear Collection ($380 each, available at all MARNI boutques). For additional information, visit Marni.com.

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