Behold, The World’s Most Glamorous Tech Gadgets Ever

Chances are your budget doesn’t support a $58,000, 24-karat gold Nikon camera or a diamond-encrusted Apple Watch. Short of a woman referred to simply as Bey and European royals, whose does? That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a little aspirational eye candy now and again though. If you have a moment today between meetings and coming out of your long-weekend stupor, we urge you to peek at Moda Operandi’s jaw-dropping new trunk show, featuring a handful of glitzy gadgets so luxe it’s almost ridiculous. Wait, no—it’s actually ridiculous. (But super fun to gawk at nonetheless.) Fashion techies, rejoice: You now have a new product to lust after—the diamond-encrusted iPhone 6. Wonder if that one is easier to hear out of?

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