These Statement Earrings Will Put Stars In Your Eyes

by The Zoe Report

When your muse is Bianca Jagger, it’s safe to say that whatever you dream up with be nothing short of fantastic and fabulous. With ladies like Jagger and Jerry Hall littering her mood boards, Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost created a collection of jewels that is, to put it simply: out of this world.

The Supernova range features far-out pendant necklaces, gem-laden bracelets and glittery earrings—all of which were also inspired by the Milky Way Galaxy. Quite fitting really, since these blingy pieces would feel right at home on the Studio 54 dance floor. “I wanted to create jewelry with a touch of glam and some slickness,” notes Salzer, “overall the collection is all about starry opulence.” With inky black glass and milky opal stones, there’s no denying these gems are meant for a night on the town…just jazz up your fave concert tee with a little lace and a ton of shine. Trust, as soon as you toss on one of these bad boys, you’ll be feeling glam in no time! Now, which way to the nearest disco?

Availability: Lulu Frost Stardust Earrings, $228