5 Spring Jewelry Trends You Need To Know About


As the owner of the iconic New York-based jewelry and lifestyle store Love Adorned, Lori Leven is the guru of all things unique, beautiful and eclectic. The stunningly designed and curated boutique began as a front for a tattoo shop almost two decades ago when inking was illegal in the Big Apple. Today it showcases a wide array of handcrafted and one-of-a kind pieces, vintage and contemporary jewelry and artisanal goods. Lori’s quest for small, under-the-radar artisans and craftspeople is something she takes very seriously—she constantly scours flea markets and travels to faraway lands on the hunt, which is exactly why she is our go-to source for the coolest and most original accessories. We asked Lori for the 5 spring jewelry trends she is obsessed with this season.

(Visit Love Adorned in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood, in Amagansett in the Hamptons, and come June 2015, Santa Monica, California. Angelenos, brace yourself: It’s going to be epic.)


"Brutalism got its name from the French word brut, which means raw. I see the trend as an antidote to the overly simple, delicate pieces that have been popular recently. This style embraces texture and truly shows the hand of the maker."

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Yellow Gold and Natural Diamond Ring


Ruth Tomlinson

Yellow Gold And White Sapphire Ring


Communion By Joy

Gold Nugget Earring


Lori Leven

Face Motifs

“Jewelry adorned with faces or facial features has remained a popular—and important—trend throughout history. It's always nice to carry a precious friend with you."

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Yellow Gold, Black Galaxy Diamond and Champagne Diamond Ring


Nick Potash

Yellow Gold And Diamond Moonface Pendant Necklace


Anthony Lent

Inverse-Set Stones

"An inverse setting is unique and isn't commonly seen in jewelry. The ability to see sparkle and dimension from every angle is quite mesmerizing."

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Yellow Gold and Inverted Diamond Crater Necklace


Todd Pownell

Palladium and Diamond Mosaic Cluster Ring


Todd Pownell

Sterling Silver and Inverted Diamond Oval Necklace


Todd Pownell

Oversize Pieces

"I'm thrilled to see the trend of easy, bend-and-break, throwaway rings being replaced by oversize, heirloom pieces."

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Sterling Silver And Yellow Gold Ridge Ring


Sophie Hughes

Yellow Gold, Pink Tourmaline, Moonstone And Emerald Ring


Elizabeth Street

Yellow Gold, Lavender Chalcedony, Diamond And Ruby Ring


Anthony Lent


"Layered charms and necklaces tell a story. Piling on personal talismans and different colored metals in various lengths gives people a perception of who you are and how you feel."

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Sterling Silver And Raw Flax Necklace


Erin Consadine

Floating Pyrite Necklace


Lena Skadegard

Opal, Garnet And Turquoise Petal Necklace


Lena Skadegard