Web Worthy

by The Zoe Report

My Fashionably Conscious Week would, of course, not be complete without some fab jewelry, so I am thrilled today to present Julia Failey’s Spider Web Cuff! Like the rest of her eclectic cool collection, this piece is made of reclaimed, deoxidized sterling silver—which reduces the need for destructive mining—and is polished with gold vermeil for a glam finish.

Narrowing down a favorite in Failey‘s assortment was not easy, but I landed on her Spider Web Cuff because I think it makes the strongest statement. Edgy and interesting, yet totally gorgeous…loves it. Some close runner-ups include her Lotus Flower Necklace in rose gold, because it is the perfect complementing, everyday piece, and Owl Ring in sterling silver and gold vermeil—a definite conversation starter. I hope you have all acquired a bit of knowledge and inspiration from this week’s theme. Rest assured, moving forward you can expect more fashionably conscious findings and tips in The Zoe Report! So, send me your fabulous recommendations and let’s keep lowering our (well-heeled) eco footprint together. xoRZ

Availability: Julia Failey Spider Web Cuff ($425). For additional retailer information, visit Juliafailey.com FASHIONABLY CONSCIOUS DEAL:

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