Talk Of The Terminal

by The Zoe Report

Before you set off on your summer holiday—assuming you have already packed the perfect swimsuit, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses—there is one essential purchase left to complete your jetsetter’s check list: Jimmy Choo’s Glitter Fabric Passport Cover. This glitzy, glamorous travel companion is a sure-fire way to top off your already chic array of on-the-go essentials—in ultimate Team Zoe fashion.

Another A-list accessory from Malaysian fashion designer, Jimmy Choo, our sparkling pick will effortlessly up the ante of your look as you embark on a globetrotting tour. With multicolored glitter and a glistening gold interior, it conveys complete luxury and elegance—two traits we certainly covet when we’re traveling. Your passport to journeying in style, stash this cover in your weekender bag or suitcase and there is no denying you’ll be the talk of the terminal!

Availability: Jimmy Choo Glitter Fabric Passport Cover ($295). For additional information, visit Jimmychoo.com.

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