Jet-Set Style: How To Pack Jewelry

by The Zoe Report

Dreaming of a fall getaway? Heading to a wedding or a family event in the coming weeks? Today Baublebar cofounder Daniella Yacobovsky shares her top tips for streamlining your suitcase when it comes to one key category: jewelry! From exotic getaways to practical work trips, these simple packing and editing tricks will save you time and keep you looking fabulous no matter where you’re headed.

Tip #1: Create Barriers Before Packing Jewelry

“When traveling, be mindful of materials. A delicate pair of earrings might need some extra padding while an enamel bracelet can withstand being tossed around a bit. It's always best to tuck more delicate baubles into an individual pouch first and then pack the pouch in a travel case. Two barriers, ladies.” Baublebar Travel Cases, $26 each; Malechite Frame Studs, $26; Gold Pave Bar Pendant, $28

Tip #2: Choose The Right Case To Hold Everything

“Nothing is worse than unpacking to find all your necklaces tangled together! Select a travel case based on style of jewelry. A rounder shape is best for holding bulkier baubles, while a flatter envelope shape is great for keeping delicate pieces tidy. If your jewelry runs the risk of being knocked around with tougher items, switch to a hard case. It's basically like having a miniature jewelry box on the road.” Baublebar Jewelry Roll, $26; Twain Travel Case, $26; Nautical Travel Case, $24

Tip #3: Pack The Most Versatile Pieces In Your Collection

“When packing jewelry try to find pieces that do double duty! A classic link necklace is not only an easy way to add polish to your most casual separates, but can be used to turn a beachy scarf into a halter top for evenings. Also, statement earrings in a neutral palette are a definite must; they're more compact so easy to pack, and a great item to toss into a travel bag should you need to head straight from day to night.” Baublebar Gold Chain Collar, $42; Ice Cluster Drops, $22