Fashion-Girl Boots Our Editors Are Buying Right Now

It’s impossible not to wear boots right now. They’re a staple for fall and winter thanks to their comfort and coverage. Thus, our team are scooping up stylish new pairs to wear with every outfit. From cool-girl hikers to bold red ankle boots, see which ones are catching our editors’ eye right now and score them for yourself.

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Editors' Picks: Boots

"Hiker boots are back, and this shearling number in camo print is so cozy and cool. It's a stylish yet practical choice for snow and rain, but I'll still wear it in LA for tough-girl edge."

—Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

"I've been getting endless compliments on these sparkly booties. They're insanely comfortable and a zippy finish to denim, dresses and skirts."

—Laura Lajiness, Senior Fashion Editor

"I looked for the perfect red boots for months and these are it. They add a pop to any and every outfit, and they're beyond comfortable. I'm in love. I will wear these forever."

—Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

"Easily the raddest pair of boots I'll ever own. They bring life to every outfit I throw on!"

—Kristin Mahler, Graphic Designer

"The white boot trend is my favorite of the season, and these are serious stunners. They'll look great both here in LA and when I go home to Chicago for the holidays—who doesn't love a good winter white?"

—Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Manager

"These Lurex booties are disco balls for my feet and will dress up any simple outfit for the holiday season and beyond."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I've never owned a pair of winter boots in my life (I'm from Texas, hello), and I don't plan on making the jump anytime soon. But I do fancy a shoe that can withstand the season's elements, and these manage to do the trick while looking cool enough for office wear."

—Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"True story: I would sell my soul for these boots (but luckily the price tag only requires the sale of my kidney). Joking aside, these are fantastically pretty and I will be living in them for the rest of the season. They have an easy-to-walk-in low heel but are made of velvet so they're the perfect blend of comfortable and fancy."

—Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"These boots are so fabulously unique, I think they just might work! The slouchy look will pair perfectly with a T-shirt and jeans and the metallic finish will add that something extra to my little black dresses for holiday parties."

—Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director

"As polarizing as they are, I don't know that I'll ever retire my Dr. Martens."

—Aidan Macaluso, Associate Social Media Manager

"These boots lasted me all last season and I can't wait to break them out again. They're still on trend yet functional and practical. I get tons of compliments on them, too, so I'm always walking with confidence!"

—Lauren Black, Content Analyst

"There's something so badass about worn-in looking boots that appear to have traveled a lot of terrain, but it can take a lot of effort to get them to that point of distressed perfection. That's why I'm really loving this pair. They're super soft yet durable enough to be worn in any scenario and can easily be dressed up or down with jeans or a cute midi dress. And, let's be honest, I'm not exactly a roughing-it kind of girl, so if I can fake it with my footwear, I'll do it."

—Angela Melero, Managing Editor