Top Notch

by The Zoe Report

At TZR HQ, we wear many different hats—both figuratively and literally. Not unlike the peddler in the classic children’s book, Caps For Sale, we have amassed quite the collection over the years, which recently expanded to include a series of classic chapeaus by Janessa Leone. As a further testament to our addiction, we’re presenting you with ten of this season’s most-wanted toppers today!

A particularly relevant accessory right now, hats serve as functional a purpose as they do a fashionable one whenever the weather warms up. Hide out from the sun’s rays this year in a floral-printed floppy, leopard-accented fedora or woven wide-brim cap—or step outside of the box and adorn your locks with a tie-dyed bandeau, lace turban or multi-hued headscarf. No matter the headwear you choose, your wardrobe is certain to reap the benefits. Hats on to show-stopping summer style!

Availability: Shop 10 Headwear Haves now at TheZoeReport.com.