5 Fashionable Takes On The Rubber Flip-Flop


Historically snoozy in appearance yet an absolute must for beach and poolside lounging (Louboutin wedges + wet cement = a disaster waiting to happen), the rubber flip-flop has officially ditched its not-so-chic reputation for a fashionable revamp!

Now available in cool colors and popping prints, the slide-on staple merges effortless wearability with a punch of personality. Shop 5 of our favorites here and don’t be surprised when you catch yourself wearing them miles away from the beach

5 Fashionable Takes On The Rubber Flip Flop

Step into the chicest takes on the summertime staple here!

Floral-Print Flip Flops


Fresh Florals

x Mara Hoffman Rays Slim Flip Flops


Bohemian Chic

Jelly Flip Flops

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Neon Necessity

Finley Rubber Flip Flop

Rebecca Minkoff


Rocking 2 Sandals


Parallel Universe