Armor Candy

by The Zoe Report

Every clutch connoisseur knows that accessories make the ensemble. Even if you have chosen the most gorgeous garments, an outfit is not really an outfit until the finishing touches have been finalized. Here at Team Zoe, we understand your nightly struggle to secure the perfect supplement to your evening ensembles. Rest assured, today’s extravagant envelope clutch from Dax Gabler will garnish your get-ups with a touch of sheen and shine.

Since first appearing on the scene last December, Devi Kroell’s beloved new bag line has already earned an army of followers—ourselves included! Marvelous for any metallic maven, our polished purse du jour is sure to twinkle in the twilight. Available in bronze,black and platinum, you can’t go wrong with any of these shades of armor. Extend your hand to your favorite style, and you’re ready to take on the night!

Availability: Dax Gabler Envelope Clutch ($2490). For additional information, visit Daxgabler.com.

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