Gadget Getup

by The Zoe Report

One of the best—okay, the best—part of our over-gadgeted lives is finding chic accessories to accompany our devices. And today, dearest Zoe Reporters, we’ve got one of your favorite gizmos covered—literally—with Carven’s iPad Pouchette.

This distinctive printed case from the French fashion house’s fall lineup is the perfect addition to any sleek and stylish techie’s repertoire. Ideal for the on-the-go girl, our pouch du jour features a textured floral design—dubbed celadon jacquard—that matches the paisley motif seen in a range of sleek silhouettes on the label’s runway. Convinced? Treat your go-to gadget with a little TLC, courtesy of Carven!

Availability: Carven iPad Pouchette ($300). For retailer information, visit Carven.fr.