The Best Summer Hats Under $200


We’re gearing up for a summer full of lounging poolside, book at the ready, cocktail in hand and a chic chapeau perched atop sun-kissed locks. Playing out this fantasy in our heads, we couldn’t possibly settle on just one hat for the whole season—we need a host of options to suit an expansive and diverse bikini collection. Hoping you’re in the same boat, we’re sharing our findings that cater to a variety of budgets (but still won’t break the bank). Whether you prefer something fun and fringey or dainty and ladylike, scope this lineup of haute hats.

Courtesy of Lack Of Color

Top It Off

Straw Pamela Hat



Makuna Hat


Ále by Alessandra

Willa Hat


Genie by Eugenia Kim

The Russo Strayed Straw Hat


Lack Of Color

Multi-Stripe Sun Hat


Banana Republic

Woven Tassel Hat


Indego Africa

Calla Black Hat


Janessa Leone

Ludo Navy Hat



Ophelia Hat