20 Jewelry Brands You Should Be Following On Instagram

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Instagram serves as both a place of discovery and inspiration. You follow influencers to pick up styling tips or to admire they're beautiful photography. You follow brands to learn about their latest collections. But when it comes to the best jewelry accounts on Instagram, they serve up a little bit of both. They present their products in a thoughtful way — allowing you to ponder your purchases. Jewelry tends to be an investment, after all.

Spend a few hours on your discover page and your bound to discover any number of small, independent jewelry designers who are carving their own distinct niches within the industry. The great thing is that while jewelry trends do emerge across them all — the recent rise of pearls and shells is a prime example — jewelry's staying power tends to stave off a cycle that constantly jumps from thing to thing. Instead, you're able to invest wisely in pieces that might utilize an of-the-moment gemstone or a cool setting, but will look just as good when you break it out in five, 10, or even 50 years. Below, find 20 of the best jewelry designers worthy of a double-tap and a follow on Instagram. Minimalist, maximalist, modernist, or retrophiliac, you'll find it all below.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Wwake

If delicate, modern jewelry is your aesthetic, you'll love the way Wwake makes each piece feel inherently thoughtful.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Sophie Bille Brahe

Classic romanticism gets a modern twist thanks to this Copenhagen-based designer.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: J.Hannah

An L.A. update on timeless heirloom jewelry has made J.Hannah a favorite designer among the fashion crowd.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Foundrae

Foundrae's elegant statement pendants can transform an entire outfit.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Bagatiba

When you're in search of cool jewelry that feels like a modern twist on the classics, consider Bagatiba.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Brinker & Eliza

The mother-daughter duo behind this fashion-favorite brand have carved out their own niche in the jewelry space with their vintage and craft-inspired creations.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Mejuri

Mejuri's on-trend designs and accessible price point have helped skyrocket the brand in popularity over the past few years.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Alighieri

This London-based label will convince you that your jewelry collection is in need of a refresh, courtesy of their eye-catching designs.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Anna Sheffield

Sheffield has become well known for her unique engagement rings, but the designer makes quirky-cool pieces for everyday too.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: The Last Line

Want to treat yourself to a small trinket guaranteed to make you smile? The Last Line is just the brand to turn to.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Tuza

Tuza is a Mexico-city and NYC based brand that always brings color and creativity into jewelry.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Timeless Pearly

If you're a jewelry maximalist, this is the brand for you. Feel free to layer away.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Reliquia

This Aussie label is trendy, but not overtly so. The ideal label if you're looking to gift something special for a friend.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Alex Jewelry Studio

Leave it to Brooklyn-based designer Alex Diamond to create jewelry using Greco-Roman casting techniques, but showing off designs that feel entirely modern.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Melody Ehsani

A statement ring or thick gold chain are calling cards of this cool L.A. brand.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Prounis

Prounis draws on ancient jewelry designs to inspire the modern rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, all made by hand in NYC.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Waldberlin

If prim pearls aren't for you, consider Waldberlin's fun and colorful way of playing with the classic gem.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Jacquie Aiche

A little bohemian glamour never goes out of style. Jacquie Aiche is the designer who has entirely mastered the aesthetic.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Spinelli Kilcollin

There's something playful about Spinelli Kilcollin's luxe stacked rings. The brand is luxe, but doesn't take itself too seriously.

Best Jewelry Brand On Instagram: Roxanne Assoulin

Color lovers likely are already in the know about Roxanne Assoulin. The NYC brand's colorful bracelets are ideal for stacking.

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