Campaign For Chains

by Tyler Love

I’ll admit that when selecting my jewelry for the day, my instinct is usually to reach for a jaw-dropping necklace or ring first, often times neglecting a fabulous set of statement earrings. This season, I am setting a personal style goal for myself to switch it up by choosing earrings as the focal jewelry piece in my fall looks. I invite you to join me on this challenge, starting with Canadian designer Arielle de Pinto’s Drip Chain Earrings!

A TZR newcomer, Arielle de Pinto has already caught the attention of many fashion world authorities since launching her namesake jewelry line in 2007. Using a signature crochet technique, she captures a one-of-a-kind aesthetic as demonstrated in today’s stellar chain earrings. Featuring two-toned 14kt gold, they achieve a totally cool ombré effect that is guaranteed to stir up conversation at your next dinner party. Play against the tough-girl style of the earrings by pairing them with a cocktail dress, structured bag and ankle booties. Let your chains hang low. xoRZ

Availability: Arielle de Pinto Drip Chain Earrings ($260). For additional information, visit Arielledepinto.com.

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