Foot Note

by The Zoe Report

At Team Zoe, we love shoes just as much as the next group of fashionable women, but sometimes searching for the perfect pair can feel more like a chore than a thrilling mission. In this season’s case, it is sandals that bring us the agony of indecision. With so many options on the market—strappy, simple, closed-toe, wedged and flat—finding one’s sole mate can cause colossal uncertainty. Not to fret, ladies! We have discovered a diamond in the rough that go by the name of Alaïa Crystal Embellished Flat Sandals.

Combining feminine color and army-clad adornments, this pretty pair is sure to set you apart. With their cutout detail and unique shape, they promise to earn their place as the chosen ones in your seasonal arsenal. Coupled with a pleated dress, cat-eye sunnies and a cute structured tote, Alaïa’s star sandals will really shine. So, step out in style this summer with these blush beauties—they were destined to display your stunning stems!

Availability: Alaïa Flat Sandals ($2185).

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