A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Being Eco

Reduce, reuse, recycle. This simple mantra doesn’t only apply to plastic bottles and old newspapers—it goes for our clothing as well. Be a planet-saving crusader with these small changes that make a big impact.

3 Ways To Effect Change



The way we clean and care for our clothes has a surprisingly huge effect on the environment. Do your part by—you guessed it—washing your clothes less! This saves water (Californians, take note) and, by turning the dial cold and making sure the load is full, you save energy as well.



Do some good by donating old clothes and shoes to organizations like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or Dress For Success. Or organize a clothing swap with friends to score some new duds and give your unwanted clothes a new life.



The Reformation has made it easier to recycle clothes by starting Ref Recycling. Next time you clean out your closet, go online and get a free shipping label to send your old clothes off to be recycled.