Try These Colorful Outfits Every Day Of March

The brighter, the better.

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If you've noticed the days getting longer or a peek of new blooms, you already know that March means the worst of winter is behind you, and there are only brighter days ahead. Sure, it'll still be frigid and rainy this month, however, you have the anticipation of the first day of spring (Saturday the 20th, to be exact) to get you through it. While you patiently wait for the flowers to bloom, consider putting together cheery, colorful outfits this March to hold you over until then.

Now that it'll be warm enough to leave your apartment, you can assemble cute outfits for outdoor occasions like picnics in the park, or (social distancing) happy hours at your local neighborhood restaurant. However, with the unpredictable weather March brings, transitional dressing is key. Meaning, you'll want to hold on to your warm puffer jackets a bit longer. But, that doesn't mean you can't throw your coat over springy dresses and skirts for those warm days. Below, find 31 vibrant outfits to wear all month long. Remember: The brighter, the better.

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Colorful March Outfit: Bright Sweater Vest

Sweater vests are the perfect transitional piece to have in your arsenal. Layer a sheer turtleneck or button-down under it and add on a lightweight jacket if need be.

Colorful March Outfit: Soft Hues

If bright colors aren’t your thing, stick to soft pastels, like lilac and mint green.

Colorful March Outfit: Sporty Tie-Dye

Practicing your yoga moves will be more fun when wearing bright tie-dye pants.

Colorful March Outfit: Pop Of Color Via An Accessory

Add on a bright pink bag to a neutral outfit for a pop of color.

Colorful March Outfit: Springy Mini Dress

Spring is all about easy mini dresses. Try pairing a checkered baby blue dress with white sneakers for a cozy, yet chic look.

Colorful March Outfit: Match Throughout Your Look

Instead of a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit, consider coordinating the color of your shoes with a printed blouse.

Colorful March Outfit: Playful Socks

If you’re looking to add a little extra color to a matching sweater and top, try a colorful sock under your sandals (bonus points if it matches your hair).

Colorful March Outfit: Florals For Spring

If the flowers haven't bloomed yet, wear them. Jazz up a floral sweatshirt even more by layering a printed button-up underneath.

Colorful March Outfit: Upgrade Your Athleisure

Upgrade your cozy sweats to colorful styles. And, to spruce up your loungewear ensemble, finish off with a sleek bag.

Colorful March Outfit: Try Out Tonal Dressing

New to tonal dressing? Start out with a dress in a slightly lighter color than a knee-high boot and your look is all set.

Colorful March Outfit: Easy Jumpsuit

Whenever you’re in a rush, throw on a jumpsuit and booties and head out the door.

Colorful March Outfit: Lean On Heavy Shirt Jackets

A shirt jacket is a must-have on days where it’s too warm for a heavy coat. You can go for all neutrals, or try a plaid style for a more playful look.

Colorful March Outfit: Tuck Away Your Beanies

Come spring, trade-in your beanies for Western hats.

Colorful March Outfit: Dress Up Your Matching Athletic Set

Go from pilates class to happy hour by throwing a silk blouse over your matching workout set.

Colorful March Outfit: Contrast Fun Colors

Don’t be afraid to play with contrasting colors in your look. For instance, try pairing two different hues such as a lime green top and lilac trousers together.

Colorful March Outfit: Bright Blouse

Go for a summery orange button-up top to lift your spirits on those occasional snow days.

Colorful March Outfit: Summery Tanks

It's not too early to pull out a yellow tank. Pair it with khaki trousers and have a cardigan in reach just in case it gets chilly out.

Colorful March Outfit: Switch To A Short Suit

Exchange your winter suit for a lightweight shorts style. And instead of loafers, try chic heeled flip-flops.

Colorful March Outfit: Bring Back The Suede

Once you don't have to worry about salt ruining your suede boots, style them with light wash denim and a fancy beaded jacket.

Colorful March Outfit: Vest Season

March is perfect vest weather. Style a bright option over an equally vivid jumpsuit for an eye-catching ensemble.

Colorful March Outfit: Layer Under A Light Slip Dress

Layer a long-sleeve tee under a slip dress until it’s warm enough to wear alone.

Colorful March Outfit: Print On Print

How many prints are too many to incorporate into a look? That's up to you.

Colorful March Outfit: Get Shorter With Your Sweaters

When the temperatures rise to the low 60s, swap your heavy sweaters for short sleeve styles.

Colorful March Outfit: Downgrade A Ladylike Top

Slouchy jeans give a ladylike ruffle floral blouse a relaxed vibe.

Colorful March Outfit: Learn To Layer

Ground a monochromatic outfit with a neutral sweater on top.

Colorful March Outfit: Cozy Cotton Dress

A cotton dress is the coziest option when you're working from home (next to a sweatsuit, of course).

Colorful March Outfit: Copy Your Little One

Match your child (or furry friend) with an exciting checkered sweater vest.

Colorful March Outfit: Match Your Home Decor

Might as well match your home decor on days where you aren’t leaving your home, right?

Colorful March Outfit: Pops Of Pink

Finish off a springy all-white ensemble with pink accessories.

Colorful March Outfit: Sunshine To The Streets

On those snowy March days, fight the gloom in a buttery yellow dress.

Colorful March Outfit: Style A Bodysuit

No need for pants when you’re not going outdoors. Throw on some jewelry over a bodysuit for an easy WFH ensemble.

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