31 Cute Spring Outfits That Will Make Getting Dressed A Breeze This March


Welcome to March, a month that manages to squeeze a whole lot of exciting events into just 31 days. The first day of spring finally arrives (It's the 20th — mark your calendar), and in no order of importance, Daylight Savings, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and International Women's Day all occur over the next few weeks. But what does all of that mean for your dressing needs? If you're feeling ready to shed all your heavy coats and weatherproof boots, here's some good news: there are plenty of cute spring outfit ideas to help you kickstart March in style.

For those days when you still have to do a bit of bundling, now's the time to get creative: mixing and matching warm weather pieces (and bright springy hues) with the winter staples you're still willing to put on these days. And, for the occasions when the sun is finally out and shining bright, ensembles that are just as energizing as the weather. Below, you'll find a range of ensembles — one for every day of March — to help you tackle whatever the next 31 days has in store for you. (Hopefully polar vortex temps are no longer in the cards.) Read on for outfits, and a little shopping to help you kickstart March in style.

Break out the heels no matter the temperatures by layering on tights or socks to keep your feet comfortable.

Choose a bright spring color and style it head to toe.

Carry your leopard coat on into warmer weather by styling with a simple tee and jeans.

A crisp white bag is an unexpected and delightfully springy choice.

Embrace this season's coolest silhouette, the boilersuit, and layer a turtleneck underneath for the days when it's stilly chilly enough to warrant.

Get playful with prints by styling two contrasting styles together. Make sure one is miniature and one is oversized so they don't clash completely.

A vintage-y (either new or thrifted) jacket is the easiest way to make a simple denim and t-shirt ensemble feel trend-forward.

For a fun play on spring colors, try an unexpectedly bold pair of socks.

Make suiting feel appropriate for the weekend by styling it with a cool t-shirt.

Ready for a surprising take: you'll want to invest in a pair of clogs this season. Swap your boots for this practical and comfy footwear.

Not ready to embrace slime green full-on? Letting a slight pop of color peek out if the way to go.

Dare to try sheer dressing by layering a lightweight dress over pants and a tee or favorite bra.

Contrast a more subdued look with a bold bag that pops.

One fun way to step up an outfit is with bold statement accessories, and a headband is the style du jour.

Break out your spring-iest plaid dress and layer it with a leather jacket since you'll still want to keep warm.

A beaded bag adds an instant style pop to a laid-back weekend uniform.

Dress up sweats for the evening by styling with a. chic cardigan and statement bag.

Break out the animal print by styling a stylish midi skirt with a spring-ready sweater in a candy hue.

The cowboy boot trend isn't going anywhere, so try styling your favorite midi dress with these rough-and-tumble shoes.

A springy dress or skirt pairs unexpectedly well with a heavier jacket.

Embrace bold colors as the weather starts to warm — from head to toe. Bright shoes can be a fun way to mix things up.

A cardigan is the ideal spring layering piece — practical but plenty cute too.

High-rise jeans look cool with a funky and fun sweater in a pastel hue.

Not sure exactly the best way to mix prints? Start by styling stripes and leopard together, it's a sure combination.

Carpenter pants are practical, sure but they also look oh-so-cool for spring.

Lean into the vintage aesthetic with a ladylike dress and colorful accessories to finish off the look.

Biker shorts or leggings, the bottom half is up to you. Just add a blazer on top and you'll look polished enough for wherever the day takes you.

For an unexpected take on outerwear, try opting for something that's completely sheer, letting your outfit underneath shine.

A light turtleneck is an easy layering piece for the days you're ready to skip your jacket altogether.

A simple baguette is the perfect finishing touch for a monochromatic look.

While mixing colors may seem intimidating at first, try hues on opposite ends of the color wheel and you'll be good to go.