You Can Stop Taking Your Instas In Square Mode Now

The days of having to take your Instagram photos in square mode are over—or at least can be, if you so desire. The app announced today the capability to post in portrait and landscape formats, in addition to the traditional square. “Hooray!”, we first said—and then we got to thinking about the implications of what this means for our ‘gram strategy. (Consider our #squad pics forever changed.)

As follows, the four real-time stages of how Team Zoe processed this game-changing news over the last hour:

Stage 1: Excitement

“FREEDOM! Full capability to post head-to-toe #OOTDs without awkwardly chopping off limbs. No more apologizing to those on the periphery of group pics for getting cut out on account of the square crop. This will elicit many more likes.”

Stage 2: Uniformity In Question

“For those of us who have adopted a system of adding borders to photos…do we abandon ship, leaving our feed in a disjointed cluster****? All sense of art direction will be lost. But if we don’t adopt the new system, will we look completely out of the loop? Already feeling the FOMO. Contemplating wiping our entire feeds and starting from scratch.”

Stage 3: New Doors Opened

“On the other hand, this does mean we can now repurpose our most viral-worthy Snapchat videos—in their native portrait crop—to live in all their glory on Instagram. (You know, the ones that deserve more than 24 hours of life.) Might ink future talk-show deal in case the right people come across the feed. This is good.”

Stage 4: Panic Mode

“Okay—we’re sold, we’re onboard. Want to post something now, but all our previously archived photos are in SQUARE mode. Total panic. Lunch break today is no longer for eating. All hands now on deck to assemble a guerrilla photoshoot for new portrait and landscape content.”

In summation, we’re feeling all the feels. Tell us what you think about the new update on Twitter at @thezoereport.