Would You Pay Over $1000 For Vintage Denim?

We’d be lying if we said we’ve never made an expensive (and unnecessary) purchase in the name of fashion. (If you’ve yet to cringe at the sight of those expensive shoes collecting dust that you “needed” at the time but still haven’t worn, you ain’t living.) But that doesn’t mean we’re in any position to spend over $1000 on vintage denim. Net-a-porter customers seem to disagree. Just days after becoming available, a pricey pair of repurposed jeans by Paris-based label Vetements have nearly sold out on the e-site. But why? We know that vintage denim is trending, and Vetements’ high-end rendition of the throwback pant guarantees quality plus a more flattering fit. Which is convincing, because let’s face it: Those rad, second-hand dungarees you scored at your local thrift shop won’t flaunt your assets as well as they should. Equipped with a high waist, straight-legged fit and unique patchwork detailing, Vetements’ splurge-worthy take on this season’s It fit will likely make a great wardrobe staple for fashion girl without a budget.

Vetements Patchwork High-Rise Jeans ($1450)