The X-Files Returns for a Brief Fling: What to Expect

Some of you may be too young to remember The X-Files, which makes us really jealous of you but is also totally beside the point. If you’ve never seen the show, which was the longest running sci-fi series in history, you can binge-watch it ASAP on Netflix (and we apologize in advance for totally blowing your weekend plans). With that out of the way, let’s turn to those of you were fans of the iconic series / David Duchovny and are now waiting with baited breath for the six episode revival debuting next week. Fox showcased a sizzle reel this morning which featured new footage alluding to the return of the show’s antagonist, The Cigarette Man, and also included new shots of a UFO crash and an alien running through a field. Watch the first minute of the new episode here and the newest trailer here.

Early reviews are also in, and while not all are good, we still ‘want to believe’ in Mulder and Scully’s long-awaited reunion. After all, pilot episodes are always a bit shaky, and those who’ve seen two additional episodes have better things to say than those who only saw the first. Here, a small sampling of both:

“The new six episode miniseries, due to air in the US in January (no air date has yet been confirmed for the UK) is written by the show’s original creator, Chris Carter, and much feels comfortably familiar, including the iconic credits, which were greeted with deafening delight by the fans at the annual convention of genre entertainment. And many of the same themes drive the drama: aliens, UFOs, paranoia, Roswell-era cover-ups; is everything we have ever been told a lie?”Telegraph

Everyone looks bored, and for good reason.” — The Hollywood Reporter

The X-Files had more than its fair share of shaky seasons back in the day, and many of the problems here aren’t new,” she wrote. “Mulder and Scully are still having That Conversation They Have about belief and scepticism, and the government conspiracy is still shadowy and ill-defined, but these things now border on hokey rather than charming.” — Digital Spy

Watching more #XFILES, with expectations corrected. Enjoyed Darin Morgan’s sweet meta-monster offering, a tribute to the late Kim Manners.” — Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff Jenson

The X-Files debuts with a two-night event on Sunday, Jan. 24 and Monday, Jan. 25.