How To Steal 5 “Unwearable” Looks From Iconic Cult Films

by Nylon

Film is perhaps one of the greatest mediums we have to escape from our everyday life and indulge in our imaginations. Cult films are even more impactful. With their atypical plots, settings, and characters, it’s easy to fall deep into the fantasy worlds they create.

We constantly find ourselves borrowing inspiration from them to create works of our own, or even just to move through the mundaneness of life. Whether we chose to adopt some of our favorite characters’ sayings or attitudes or take cues from their wardrobes, there’s a certain power that can be borrowed from them. But because some of our favorite films are fantastical in every which way, their costumes aren’t always the easiest to replicate.

Here, find out how to translate five iconically “unwearable” cult film looks into outfits you can actually sport.