We’re Stealing The Queen’s Trick For Escaping Awkward Situations

You know when you’re stuck in the corner at a party listening to someone go on and on about something inane like how hard it is to parallel park? Or worse: When you’re on a Bumble date, experiencing zero chemistry, and you’re unable to find a casual way to interrupt the narcissist sitting across from you so you can escape? Well, Queen Elizabeth not only feels your pain, but she’s also developed an ingenious way to end these awkward situations with class. According to Good Housekeeping, she casually moves her handbag from one arm to the next when she wants an interaction to end, a subtle signal that alerts members of her staff that their Queen needs to be rescued. We aren’t quite sure how this technique would work for us, since we don’t have “staff “per se, but perhaps there’s a market for secret-service-inspired interns out there? We’ll look into it and get back to you—stay tuned.