Netflix Is Raising Its Prices Again, And We’re Prepared To Go Broke

As if 2017 isn’t already disappointing enough, here comes Netflix announcing that its prices are set to soar yet again. Yep, our go-to streaming service just proved that the best things (i.e., binge-watching Stranger Things in pajamas on a Friday night) are indeed never free, increasing the prices of its most popular plans starting October 19. While the price of the basic plan remains at $7.99 for single-screen viewers, standard and premium plans will now cost you $10.99 (formerly $9.99) and $13.99 (formerly $11.99). It’s the first time in two years that Netflix decided to raise its prices, and it makes total sense considering wildly successful in-house shows like Narcos and Master of None. But that doesn’t mean this editor will stop mourning the loss of a dollar each month. (Darn you, inflation.)